14x Growth with 360°
E-Commerce Management


Sanitär Schweiz


As an established installation business Sanitär Schweiz embarked on a venture to revolutionize its presence as a leading online retailer for sanitary products in Switzerland. The goal was ambitious: to transition from a single employee manually processing orders to becoming the country's premier e-commerce platform in their niche.


We crafted a seamless strategy, redefined the brand's identity, and executed a comprehensive overhaul of Sanitär Schweiz's digital footprint. The team optimized ERP systems, managed an expansive product inventory over 65k SKU’s, and revamped the online user experience through targeted UX/UI design and effective marketing strategies.


The results were transformative—Sanitär Schweiz experienced a 14-fold increase in revenue, a substantial improvement in conversion rates, and a significant uptick in the average order value. The brand emerged as a market leader, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

  • Converstion rate increased from 0.7% to 2.5

  • 125% increase in average order value

  • Return on Adspent from 3.5 to 8.5


  • Complete E-Commerce Management

  • Strategy and Vision Consulting

  • ERP Optimization

  • Data & Category Management

  • Branding & Communication

  • UX/UI Design for Online Store

  • Shopify Development

  • Marketing Strategy Implementation

  • Logistics & Customer Support Solutions

  • Team Recruitment & Training



"Tuan has been pivotal in scaling our business. Their strategic approach transformed our operations, allowing us to focus on growth and customer satisfaction. His support and team management ability were instrumental in our growth."

Sanitär Schweiz

Though Sanitär Schweiz traditionally wasn't viewed as a business centered around female-centric aesthetics, the opportunity for growth lay in a unique approach. Drawing from our experience in crafting premium aesthetics and intuitive user experiences for female-focused projects, we were convinced that applying similar principles could propel Sanitär Schweiz to new heights in a highly competitive market.

A pivotal transformation in Sanitär Schweiz's journey was the modernization of their ERP system, a significant undertaking that entailed intricate data management for an extensive range of products. Employing advanced automation techniques, the team meticulously restructured and streamlined the handling of over 65,000 SKUs. 

This evolution, marked by the adoption of a refined digital presence, a reimagined user experience and highly effective digital marketing campaigns, continues to set the bar higher in the e-commerce domain, inspiring ongoing strategies and future endeavors in the Swiss sanitary market.


Let’s bring HEART and FUN back into business.

Beyond sleezy sales tactics and surface-level engagement, we stand for empathy, authenticity, and originality in design and marketing.

Kristina & Tuan,
The Founders

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