Undeniable Truth:

Women are the dynamos

of the modern marketplace.

Our work and strategies revolve around the fact that women control or influence 85% of consumer spending. 91% of women believe that advertisers fail to grasp their needs and perspectives - we’re here to change that.


From Roots to Revolution

A Legacy Discovered

Co-founder Kristina's journey into the digital realm seemed almost predestined. Upon exploring her previously unknown genetic heritage, she found out that her biological family includes many creative minds in the digital field, as well as several successful entrepreneurs. It's more than mere chance –

You could say it’s encoded within her DNA.

The idea behind Rosenmond

Our founders ran a successful e-commerce business dedicated to women's health, diving deep into taboo topics. However, finding an agency that understood these topics without resorting to clichés was tough. All they received seemed to rely on tired stereotypes. That’s when they realized there was a need for an agency that could speak authentically to the female audience, ditching the kitsch for something genuinely relatable.

Understanding the diversity of women is not the only thing that separates us:

“As former brand owners who have worked with various agencies, we have walked in our clients' shoes.”

Tuan & Kristina, Founders

Managing Team


CEO, Creative Director


Head E-Commerce, Business Dev


COO, Product Manager


Art Director, Graphic Design


Senior Art Director, UX/UI Design


Head Development

Join the Rosenmond Revolution.

This is an invitation to join a movement, not just a company. Rosenmond isn't just building brands; we're building bridges – between businesses and their audience, between now and the future, between challenges and solutions.

Welcome to a world where creativity meets connectivity, where your brand story becomes our mission, where every strategy is laced with innovation and a dash of daring. Welcome to Rosenmond – where digital gets personal.


Everything you probably want to know about us and how we work.

Is ROSENMOND for female-focused businesses ONLY?

No. We're here for all businesses. Every company can gain by recognizing the importance of women as consumers and becoming more inclusive. Prioritizing inclusivity is not just ethically correct; it's also fundamentally good for business. We help brands to communicate effectively with all customers, while acknowledging the powerful influence women have in the marketplace.

Why is a female-centric approach crucial?

Acknowledging that women are the driving force behind the majority of purchasing decisions, we consider a female-centric perspective a vital element in today's business ecosystem. 🎓 It's science. Here are some numbers: ➜ The female market contributes an estimated $20 trillion in annual consumer spending worldwide. With women earning higher education degrees at a higher rate than men and starting new businesses faster, their economic influence is growing more rapidly than men's. Understanding and addressing the unique needs and preferences of female consumers is crucial for tapping into this vast market potential (Vandana, Reddy, & Ramu, 2017). ➜ Marketing strategies need to recognize and adapt to the differences between male and female consumers. Women's purchasing behavior is influenced by a variety of factors, including personality traits, price perceptions, and media usage, which are different from those of men. Companies targeting female consumers must consider these differences to effectively engage this demographic (Belleau, Haney, Summers, Xu, & Garrison, 2008)

What is the core purpose of ROSENMOND?

ROSENMOND creates distinguished brand DNA's and digital solutions that resonate authentically with women, empowering businesses to tap into female consumer markets effectively.

How does ROSENMOND ensure that brands stand out to women?

By steering clear of stereotypes and tapping into rich market research and segmentation, we curate brand strategies that appeal to the diversity of the female audience, ensuring no stone is left unturned in the quest to engage and connect.

How does ROSENMOND'S approach benefit businesses?

Our clients witness a significant boost in value perception and profitability. Our digital strategies guarantee meaningful engagement with their audience, and in turn, transform customers into brand ambassadors. We help businesses not to miss out on the opportunities that come with connecting with the female consumers in the right way.

What makes ROSENMOND distinct from other agencies?

Our distinction lies in the way we view women: not merely as an audience but as collaborators in an ongoing dialogue. We believe in co-creating stories with women, ensuring our conversations spark meaningful relationships and not just a one-way message. We have walked in our client's shoes and know their perspective. This is why we know that it makes a big difference approaching your audience the right way.

What can clients expect when partnering with ROSENMOND?

Our partners enjoy an elevated market position and enhanced profitability through:

➜ A digitally savvy presence across all channels that resonates deeply with female consumers.

➜ Brand identities that not only enchant customers but also convert them into brand ambassadors.

➜ State-of-the-art Shopify stores that set benchmarks in design and functionality, placing brands a cut above the rest.

➜ Insight-driven strategies that fully embrace the diverse spectrum of women's market segments, ensuring comprehensive audience engagement.

➜ You'll also get a nice Christmas card.